Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Well, it seems every post starts with an "i" this week.

Today Ashley Highfield, Director of New Media at BBC, has announced that iPlayer will launch in July. Basically 400 hours of the BBC's output (TV and radio) will be available for 30 days. Initially you will have to download the programme first before you view it. Later on you will be able to stream on-demand. The BBC is worried that if everyone does that to begin with most ISPs would not be able to cope. Certainly know mine - Tiscali - wouldn't. I have problems enough doing anything between 6.00pm and 12.00 due to contention.
iPlayer will work on a number of platforms - like Youtube and Facebook.
First roll out is for PCs, then cable, then Mac and Vista.

But it looks as if Holway's Video Martini Moment is still some way off. Highfield said putting iPlayer on mobile devices was "currently a nightmare" because of multiple standards.

As I reported before, Ashley Highfield is one of our speakers at the Prince's Trust Summer Reception at Barclays on Monday evening July 2nd. I've called it "Video kills the TV Stars?" and it should be a really great evening. Still some tickets left if you email or Click here to book

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