Friday, 29 June 2007

Hello Lord Digby; Goodbye Mr Timms

So it's Lord Digby now! Digby Jones gets a seat in the Lords (and will take the Labour whip) as a Trade Minister in Gordon Brown's new administration. He will have particular responsibility for promoting UK exports in an ambassadorial role which should be well suited to Digby's obvious talents.
Update note - The BBC reports that, although Digby will take the Labour Whip, he has refused to join the Labour Party. Reported as saying he won't take up the appointment if he has to join. Interesting situation!
Digby has some good strong links with our sector and I've met him several times. The encounters are always a joy. Love him or loathe him, you cannot ignore Digby!
Also noted that Stephen Timms has lost his Cabinet post - replaced by Andy Burnham as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Described as "lacklustre" by the Independent today, Stephen was nobably an Ovum analyst and shareholder some years back.

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