Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Informa bid for Datamonitor declared unconditional

For all readers interested in the fate of Ovum, on Friday Informa declared the 650p cash offer for Datamonitor, made back in May, as unconditional in all respects, following receipt of valid acceptances in respect of about 54.9m Datamonitor shares, or 76%.

In a separate statement today, Anthony Foye, Informa's FD who has been with the company for 20 years, announced he was leaving by the end of the year to "seek new challenges".
" We are really an acquisitions and business machine now and Datamonitor was a good example of that sort of acquisition for us," Foye told Reuters.
"It is all under control, it is a great business, but therein lies a problem for me because it is not much of a challenge. You feel that maybe you should try something else."

So there you go. There seems something "not quite right" thinking that what you laboured hard over for 21 years is now just a rather small clog in an "acquisitions and business machine"!

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