Thursday, 5 July 2007

O2 for iPhone?

According to the FT today O2 is "poised to clinch a deal as Apple's exclusive network partner for the iPhone in the UK". The report also gives the impression that (as in the US) there will not be a 3G version on launch.
Most observers had expected a deal with Vodaphone which included 3G. Indeed, the internet experience is pretty dire on 2G. Although we remain a fan of the iPhone, the limitations in the business arena seem to be mounting. It won't really work with many corporate email systems incl MS Exchange. WiFi access is still patchy. Indeed I do most of my mobile working on trains - where it is currently non existent.
What I really want is a network independent iPhone. I think the mobile network I chose to use should be on the same level as my choice of Broadband ISP. And that is certainly irrelevant in my choice of PC or any other device I may connect to it.
Anyway, I've never bought a V1 version of an Apple product. The best versions come out c9 months after launch. Looks like Mrs Holway's dilemma of what to buy Mr Holway for Christmas 2007 might not have been solved afterall!

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