Thursday, 30 August 2007

Morons and Youtube - Aug 07

Today Youtube has sealed a deal in the UK to pay royalties for the millions of pieces of music used on Youtube videos. Youtube is finally legit.

A year back, before Google offered $1.65b for Youtube, all the talk was about Youtube being sued for its life. A "litigation-laden landmine". Indeed, this was the view of my collegues at Ovum. I took a completely different view which did not get too much backing at the time. I reproduce below one of my musings on the subject in Hotnews a year back. I must admit I'm rather pleased with my "Talk of suing either your customers or one of the best marketing channels around is so 'yesterday'" phrase!

Rereading it, I am also pleasantly surprised that I was making predictions about how social networking sites - indeed I even mentioned Facebook! - would become all prevailing.

Any of you attending my ICT Leaders speech atop BT Tower on 4th Sept will be reminded of this as it's the main part of my 'Power to the People' speech.

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