Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Quote of the Day

Just been listening to the 8.10am interview on the Today programme on Radio 4 Click here to Listen Again . John Humphreys was interviewing Vint Cerf - one of the veterans of the internet and now an "evangelist" at Google.

In my view Humphreys rather wasted the interview. Rather than getting Cerf's views on where the internet was heading, we had the same old rerun of the"there is some awful stuff on the internet which therefore makes it a 'bad thing' and it should therefore it should be censored" argument. The same, of course, could be applied to everything from the invention of the printing press to cinema and DVDs.

I thought Cerf's rebuttal of all that Humpheys threw at him was admirable. I particularly liked Cerf's quote "It you see something wrong in the mirror, you don't go fix the mirror". Good one!

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