Sunday, 9 September 2007

JP Rangaswami

Since joining Facebook three months ago, I still get amazed at not only the other people who are members but how they use their "community".

I recently became Facebook friends with JP Rangaswami. Actually, I became "friends" with JP back in 1988 and we have met quite a few times since when he was CIO at DKW and now since his appointment as CIO at BT. As such JP is one of the most important CIOs around. But, more than that, JP is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise rather stuffy CIO world - as anyone who has heard JP speak will testify.

My Facebook friendship with JP led me to look at his blog "Confused of Calcutta". If you want a "damned good read" from one of the most respected guys around in the sector, you should at least take a look. Click here.

People question the value of such cyber social networks. They are, of course, no substitute for "real" networking. But, in the case of JP, that is exactly what re establishing contact with JP via Facebook has permitted. We will have a breakfast meeting together again soon! I'd put that down as another plus point of things I've got out of my experiment with Facebook.

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