Friday, 5 October 2007

BT and FON - the day after

Thought you might be interested in Mark Main (from Ovum) views on BT and FON. They are a very good foil to my early enthusiasm! To read Click here. BTW - reproduced WITH PERMISSION.

On the other hand, I am even more bullish over the plan. It actually got another boost today with the news that McDonalds was to offer free WiFi in all of its 1000+ UK fast food outlets. The FT also seems upbeat with its headline BT plans wi-fi world-beater.

I really can see Wi-Fi being used extensively by iPod Touch users outside the home. There is even talk of our train operator - SW Trains - making wi-fi available on its trains soon. That opens up huge opportunities for watching TV, listen again radio etc on the way to work. As well as answering the emails of course!

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Jovan said...

Richard, I'm so pleased to see that your link to the FT's article is a meaningful link name. Perhaps you could apply this example of good usability practice to all your other links rather than using "click here" as a link name. e.g. have "Mark Main (from Ovum) views on BT and FON" as the link.
BT are definitely onto something here. This is the beginning of the end of mobile operators as we know them.