Monday, 29 October 2007

Business uses of social networking

I must admit that I still find the majority of senior execs in our (or any other) industry just don't get social networking. As I have said in my presentations and articles for a year now, most senior execs believe it has no relevance to either them or their businesses. I have long 'begged to differ'.

Anyway, for the doubters, I suggest they read the FT article Networking sites used to recruit. ATSCo found that 58% of IT recruitment agencies found social networking sites were more useful at filling IT vacancies than print media. "Facebook has more than 220 job advertisements for web designers and a further 166 for software and IT network managers in the London area alone". The Association of Graduate Recruiters found that 77% of its members believed that social networking sites would become one of their most important recruitment tools.

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