Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Microsoft v Apple

I’m just off to an Intellect lunch at Claridges to be addressed by Matthew Bishop Director of Business and Marketing at Microsoft UK. Gordon Fraser, who heads Microsoft UK was meant to be the speaker but had to withdraw due to “unexpected commitments”. I don’t think too highly of that! I still have to go to represent Regent (where I am an NED) who sponsor these Intellect lunches.

I was just comparing Microsoft’s share performance to Apple’s. Since 1st Jan 02, Apple’s share price is up 15-fold from $12.36 to $187 whereas Microsoft’s is basically flat. $27 on 1st Jan 02, $30.5 close last night. NASDAQ is up 40% in the same period.

In my post, Agenda Setters, on 17th Oct 07 I wrote “Microsoft makes little real effect on my life anymore. I likened them recently to the transmission system in my car. I know it’s important but I only really notice it when it goes wrong. From a performance and reliability viewpoint, there is nothing more I need. What really turns me on about my car is the styling (Microsoft doesn’t do ‘style’ as we all know) and the sexy gadgets”.

I guess that really explains it all.

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