Friday, 30 November 2007

Holway's Share Portfolio

Given my post below about Mark Hunter leaving Axon, I must report that I sold my Axon shares at the beginning of the month; locking in a 20% gain. It was an astute move as they have fallen 25% since to 5% below my purchase price!

I also locked in my gain (100%) on Apple by selling half my holding. Buying Sage wasn't such a great idea (down 18%) and BT is now lower than my purchase price! But Capita, Vodafone and RCM Technology Trust (where I am a director) continue to show good YTD gains.

Overall, my portfolio (incl the locked in gains/losses from the sales) is still up 10% YTD. Except it was up 17% when I last reported a month back!

Cash is definitely the safest place to be right now!

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