Wednesday, 21 November 2007

To buy or not to buy? That is the question

StrategyEye today reports on more rumours relating to a Vodafone 3G iPhone early next year. This is causing a dilemma in the Holway household. Having played with the iPhone last week I am bewitched. It is a fantastic experience. In fact I found the web surfing BETTER than on my Vodafone 3G powered Nokia 61! The device just oozes style. Flicking through your album covers or photos is magical experience! I even found typing emails on the touch screen very easy.

But, the 'Sensible Man' inside me tells me that you should never buy a 'Version One' Apple product. Always wait for Version 2 (which will be faster, cheaper and more reliable). The wait is usually measured in months not years. But the 'Little Boy' in me wants an iPhone NOW.

I could get an iPod Touch. But that will be redundant once I buy my 3G iPhone early next year.

Oh dear, why is life so difficult?

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