Thursday, 13 December 2007

Ofcom report

Just a note to say that Ofcom's second annual International Communications Report has been published. It is free (well, we as taxpayers paid for it!) and available in full if you follow the link at the end of the Ofcom Press Release. If you like data/chart-rich reports this one really is right up your street.

The two bits from the report that have attracted the most news coverage are:

  • UK adults spend more time on social networking sites than their European neighbours, with 4 in 10 UK adults saying that they regularly visit the sites. The UK adults who visit the sites spend an average of 5.3 hours each month on them and return to them an average 23 times in the month.
  • In the UK and the US, women use the internet more often than men. In the US, 52 per cent of internet users are women and in the UK the internet is used equally by men and women except in the18-34 age group where women spend more time online than men (57 per cent compared with 43 per cent).

It supports the points I have been banging on about all year.

  • That social networking is really BIG and must be embraced by both enterprise and consumer-oriented businesses if they want to have any kind of future.
  • That the older age groups (not just the 35-60, but also the 60+ age groups) are the fastest growing users of both the internet and social networking.

I'm sure I will quote more from the report as I wade through its hundreds of pages and charts.

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