Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Facebook IPO and StrategyEye

I'd like to point out an excellent Viewpoint article on StrategyEye concerning the likelihood of a Facebook IPO (not for 2-3 years apparently) as a result of comments made by Mark Zuckerberg to CBS. This article was written by Aleksandra Bosnjak who has recently joined StrategyEye as Lead TMT Analyst...from Ovum. One of a number of leavers from the 'old firm' recently.

There was a really excellent articles on StrategyEye - They used to drown in a deluge of data. Now City workers have a souped-up search engine - in the Independent on Sunday and - Web 2.0 for Buzz - in BusinessWeek. I became an investor in Nick Gregg's holding company for StrategyEye last year - so clearly I have a vested interest. But I really like the product very much and have been somewhat influencial in getting StrategyEye to move towards "influencer comment".

Of course, what I now hope to read are reports of StrategyEye's IPO and of Nick Gregg mulling multi-billion dollar offers for his company!

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