Saturday, 5 January 2008

Goodbye St Georges Yard

Sorry for this 'indulgence', but I know that quite a few readers will know (maybe even visited or worked in) the Richard Holway Ltd/Ovum Holway offices in St Georges Yard, Farnham. The 'Holway team' worked there in their 'heyday' and the building seemed to epitomise everything we as a company aspired to be - friendly, up-market without being ostentatious, stylish, good value... I am immensely proud of the work that the Holway team produced in the last 10 years since 1997. It is worth remembering that 'Holway' was basically only Holway until 1997 when Anthony Miller joined.

When I sold 'Holway' to Ovum in Nov 00, I retained the freehold and therefore became a Landlord.

Anyway, when Datamonitor acquired Ovum in Dec 06 it was always on the cards that they would close the office. Since then quite a number of the 'Holway' staff have left. Ovum decided to close the Farnham office in Nov 07. Those that remain will now either work from home or have been relocated to other Datamonitor/Informa offices. I put the freehold on the market and obtained a quick sale which completed on 4th Jan 08.

The Ovum Holway era - for me anyway - is now truly at an end.

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