Friday, 8 February 2008

Granger leaves NHS

So it's finally happened. On 6th Feb 08, the NHS website carried what others have described as 'a terse statement' saying that Richard Granger had finally left the building on 31st Jan 08.

I've known Richard since pretty much the start of his tenure as Director General of the NPfIT in 2002 and have written about the project on many occasions. Whether undertaking an IT project of this size and complexity, with the original budget or timescale, was wise is pretty suspect. That was Blair's decision - not Granger's. I've also criticised some of the early decisions - like not getting the support of the medical professional from the start, not including EMIS in the GP systems that could be used etc. However, I have consistently backed the passion and dedication that Richard has given to his task. I've also witnessed at first hand what a toll this has taken on Richard. He has paid a very heavy price. I'll let others pick apart the project but I'll continue to back Richard's part in it. He stood up to some of the most powerful figures and global companies. He was determined that those companies would stick to their contracts and not hold us, the tax payers, to ransom - as they have done on plenty of other occasions. He made a lot of enemies along the way.

I'd like him to think he still has some fair-minded friends in the industry too. Indeed, I know he has. (Indeed, some like Patrick O'Connell from BT, aired their praise for departed head of cfh in e-health insider.) I am sure they will join with me and wish Richard every good fortune for the future. He deserves some.

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