Friday, 1 February 2008

Share Indices in Jan 08 - Not quite as bad as feared

As it turned out, Jan 08 wasn't quite as bad as it might have been a few days ago. NASDAQ was only down 9.9% in the month with the UK Techmark down just 5.6%. The FTSE UK SCS Index was down 6.95%. This compares to a 8.94% fall in the FTSE100. We really have had far worse falls than this. In Nov 07, the FTSE SCS index fell by 15.9% - the worst one month fall since 2000.

Indeed, the last week (to Friday 1st Feb) was a really good week. Not only did the FTSE100 end the week above 6000, but NASDAQ ended the week up 3.8% and the FTSE SCS Index was up 5%. I can just hear everybody sayimg "Thank goodness. Panic over. Let's get back into tech...."

If you want a very much more detailed look at UK SCS share price performance, I commend you to look at Megabuyte's January share round up; produced by Ian Spence. Ian follows all the UK SITS stocks and has produced a number of really useful indices.

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