Friday, 28 March 2008

RM, Netstore and Portrait

A few news items from the last few days that readers might find interesting:

RM issued a warning that H1 results to 31st Mar 08 would be below expectations but expects full year resulus to be ‘in line’. RM said that its results would be more H2 weighted than normal due to higher BSF bid costs in H1 and slewed educational revenues.

Netstore is still in bid talks after it produced results restated due to revenue recognisition and cost accrual problems.

Portrait has acquired the rather strangely named Million Handshakes for £2.8m. MH provides campaign management software and had revenues of £2.8m and PBT of £200k in 2007. Some observers thought that taking on 21 staff in Oslo would be a further distraction.

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