Sunday, 13 April 2008

Ian Livingston

As I reported last week, Ben Verwaayen’s role as CEO at BT will be taken by Ian Livingston with effect from 1st June 08. I’ve always been able to get an instant response from Ben on any topic but I have never had need of such a close relationship with Ian before. So when, on Saturday afternoon, I composed an email to Ian inviting him to attend and address my Prince’s Trust Technology Leadership Group ICT Leaders Dinner (above) I feared I might not get the response I wanted. So I was both pleased, and not a little amazed, to get a positive response within minutes – rather proving that Ian is both as accessible and as much of a workaholic as Ben! (As my wife pointed out when I related this to her, the story says rather a lot about my activities and priorities on a Saturday too!) As this is likely to be one of Ian's very first public appearances as BT CEO, I’m sure it will add further to the demand for places on 25th Sept.

There is a very good profile of Ian Livingston in the Sunday Times (13th Apr 08) – BT boss faces tough calls.

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