Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Logica appoints CEO of Global Operations and sets date for conclusion of Business Review

Logica has today appointed Craig Boundy as CEO Global Operations. He'll be responsible for Logica's blended delivery programme and will manage the company’s offshore centres, currently based in India, the Philippines and Morocco. Craig comes from C&W where he was COO. Before that Craig was COO at Energis and a VP at BT Ignite. My contacts at BT say that Craig was "highly regarded" whilst at BT. Indeed, it is obviously from those BT days that Andy Green knows Craig.

The other interesting Logica announcement today is that Andy Green will unveil the conclusion of his Business Review on 22nd Apr - a bit earlier than expected. This is one announcement that I will make extra efforts to attend. I usually prefer one-to-one briefings but I'm make an exception in this case as I'd like to bring HotViews readers my views as soon as possible.

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