Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group - Chairman's Half term Report

I've just completed my first year as Chairman of the Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group. I do commend you to read my Half Term Report .

We now have over 50 of the top tech. companies operating in the UK as Patrons or Members. In the year to 31st March 08 we raised over £1.3m - up around 20% on the previous year. This means that we have raised over £5.3m since we founded the group in 2002.

But it's not all serious fundraising stuff. Our events programme is fantastic. So fantastic that everything we do gets sold out within days! Our Gala Dinner at Windsor Castle on 2nd July 08 was a sellout in three days and our Chairman's Lunch on 23rd Apr - with the new BT Chairman, Sir Michael Rake - has been fully subscribed for months. Many reckon we have built the best tech networking 'club' in the UK.

If any HotViews reader would like to know more - or get more closely involved with Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group - visit our website and/or drop me an email on rholway@holway.com.

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