Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Smart move

Tim Smart, who many of you will know as President of BT Global Services UK, has been appointed as CEO at Kings College Hospital. For the past 5 years, Tim has been responsible for all BT's business with the UK government and large enterprises in the UK, including the NHS.

NHS Chief Executive David Nicholson said of the appointment : "Tim Smart's skills and experience will be invaluable as CEO of one of the UK's biggest hospitals. I am impressed by his firm commitment to the NHS and look forward to working with him to deliver both world class medical research and best patient care at King's."

As far as I am aware, this is the first time that any CEO of a major Hospital Trust has been appointed from the private sector - let alone from the tech. sector. I've known Tim for many years and I'm not surprised at the move. He's long told me that was one of his 'life-changing' ambitions. I'm sure Tim will be a 'major shot in the arm' - if that's not too much of a medical expression - to the NHS. I obviously wish him well.

For further details see article in eHealth Insider.

I await further details on how his BT role will be filled. I would suspect they will appoint a UK Country manager from within to cover both public sector and commercial activities.

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