Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Giving up the day job to become a music critic

HotViews often amazes me. The readership just grows and grows. The feedback (for some reason, almost all by email rather than via the comments on the site) not only increases daily but it is mostly from top-level CEO-types. Last month I attended a debate run by a well known IT recruitment company. I was greeted by a young lady who was clearly an avid reader of HotViews. She said that HotViews was distributed to all its many hundreds of staff by email each day. I have no way of counting the number of HotViews that get redistributed within companies but it could double (or more) the readership as measured by the standard counters.

Anyway, what really amazed me was the feedback to my Bo Diddley story yesterday. It was the first I have ever posted which had nothing to do with IT. Except it drew the biggest (positive) reader response ever! I could understand it if they were all from nostalgic 60 year olds like me (one eminent reader pointed out she had been to the same show on her 16th Birthday in 1963 in Manchester) But many were from much younger readers, all recognising the contribution Bo Diddley had made to music over the last 50+ years.

Clearly I should consider giving up the IT analyst day job and become a music critic.

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