Monday, 2 June 2008

Hey Bo Diddley

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with IT but I just want to tell you about what happened to me on 25th Oct 1963. I was 16 and had just started my A Levels. At that time, the Package Tour was the fashion and our local theatre in Taunton, Somerset was the venue. My friends and I booked our seats because of the headline act - the Everly Brothers.

The last act in the first half was a new group called the Rolling Stones who had just recorded a Chuck Berry track - Come on. They were sensational and were paid £42. 10s for each show. After the interval, Bo Diddley came on with "The Duchess" - to be honest, he made more of an impression on me than even the Rolling Stones. I had never heard music like that live. Never seen a big guy in a sequined jacket playing on a homemade rectangular guitar. Fantastic over amplified sound. But the beat infectious that it still rings in my head today. Bo Diddley is recognised as being one of the major influencers on the Rolling Stones and many other groups.

The show overran to such an extent that I had to leave half way through the Everly Brothers act to catch the last bus home. (I've seen the Rolling Stones about six times since and managed to see the Everly Brothers again in Meadowlands in New Jersey last year)

Bo Diddley died today aged 79. The news brought back vivid memories of my youth and how very, very lucky I was to see so many of the greatest performers before they were really famous and who have provided "the soundtrack to my life" ever since.

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Chris said...

Richard,you old Rocker,those were the days we all remember fondly.How fortunate we are to all be in contact 45 years later and able to to meet up and reminisce now and again.
Take care of yourself
Best Wishes from