Saturday, 7 June 2008

NelsonHall and BPO

In my Industry Analyst of the Year piece last week, I commented at how well NelsonHall had done in these rankings and mentioned they had 'only' 20 staff. John Willmott, who founded NelsonHall, sent me a note saying "We know that we are the global leader in BPO against any criterion. Still it's good to be seen to get to number three in relevance in IT services globally. It demonstrates the quality of the material. We are around 20 people - but if you are giving numbers please point out that that is more services analysts than most firms. Otherwise your audience just tends to assume that 20 is a small number when in fact, in this industry, it is a very large number."

Very happy to point that out!

I've also mentioned NelsonHall's excellent Industry Insight emails on news and views in the global BPO world which come out every week. I thought they may be just for clients (or free-loaders like me) but John has kindly put them on their website for all to see. You can access them Click Here - which I notice includes the very latest dated 9th June 08. Well worth book-marking.

(Rereading this, it sounds like a NelsonHall commercial. I have no connection with them, honest!)

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