Thursday, 10 July 2008

Computacenter really rather good

Contrary to what you might expect if you read the warnings earlier this week from one of their competitors (Morse) Computacenter’s results today were really rather good. In H1 revenues grew 8% and investment banking grew 21% (though 1Q07 was quite weak) and is expected to be above 10% in the next quarter too. Now that is really counter to what you will have read almost everywhere. It looks like banks are continuing to build and equip a lot of data centres and Computacenter seems to be getting more than its share.

Indeed, praise where praise is due, Computacenter, at long last, seems to be making that change from PC reseller to software and IT services company. Indeed “strong growth” was recorded in their Software Business Unit – although investment there did dilute margins

We were rather amused at CEO Mike Norris’ comment that "PC’s are now ordered, not sold". Only C£1b of Computacenter’s c£2.4b revenues now come from PC sales. It’s their datacentre operations which are most impressive. With Cloud Computing now finally destined to be at the centre of the future of IT, Computacenter could be really very well positioned.

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