Sunday, 6 July 2008

Interview with Francois Barrault of BT Global Services

The Sunday Times carries an interview with Francois Barrault, the 'new' CEO of BT Global Services who replaced Andy Green last year. See BT Global boss tunes up for new era.

I commend you to read it and make up your own mind. I just found it a bit...arrogant.

I think the problem I face with the telcos is that their view/definition of 'IT services' is different to mine. The telcos think of IT services pretty much purely as the taking over of the running of a network. This is often done to safeguard (or even win) the supply-side bit of the network. Often the telco has to offer a 'broader' service to the client in order that the contract doesn't go to a 'real' IT services player like IBM Global Services, EDS etc. who then use a variety of suppliers for the network bit. Indeed, the virtual network operators are still a considerable competitor to BT Global Services despite the problems at Vanco. Often these non-network bits are considered by the telco periphery to the network. So the difference is that the telcos put the network as the core of the 'service' whereas the conventional IT services player puts the business system at the heart and the network is merely one of the components required to supply the business system.

Indeed, such conventional IT services companies often partner with the telco with the telco supplying just that network bit to the contract. Personally I think the telcos (incl BT) work best in/should stick to that kind of relationship.

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Ya-Habibi said...

Dear Richard,

I personally think this man is very capable indeed. Do you personally think he can take the company forward which I think will be challenging?

However his predecessor was the BT's baby and I personally think he has left BT or was asked to leave BT and join Logica for a reason. I have heard many rumours that BT will take over Logica since Andy Green has taken over as the CEO, but I would appreciate your view on this.

Thank you.