Saturday, 12 July 2008

Regent Q2 2008 M&A Review - Buyers and Sellers

Recent comments in the press - and in HotViews - have highlighted the number of public companies that have either completed acquisitions or are the subject of current bids. This is confirmed by the 38 such deals in Q2 2008, up 46% on the 26 deals in Q1 2008. But this is nothing new. To put it in perspective it compares to 37 and 39 deals respectively in Q1 and Q2 2007.

Despite serious concerns that sub-prime problems and the resulting tightening of credit would mean that private equity investors would be less active, that appears not to be the case so far for deals other than the very large (greater than $1b). Private Equity players have directly accounted for over 14% of all acquisitions in Q2 2008 and supported many other deals through their portfolio companies.

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