Friday, 22 August 2008

Autonomy and the FTSE100 - Correction

I have to admit basing my piece on Autonomy’s possible (re)entry into the FTSE100 on an article in the FT. I have been asked to point out that the FT got it wrong in saying that the review was ‘next week'. The FTSE UK Series (which includes the FTSE-100) is reviewed and announced on 10 September 2008. Changes resulting from the reviews are effective after the close of the respective markets on Friday 19th September 2008, i.e., from start of trading on Monday 22nd September 2008.

All the other points I made are just as relevant whether the review is ‘next week’ or ‘next month’. I have to say that that if the FT, which co-owns the FTSE, can’t get these things right, what hope the rest of us

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