Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Xpertise bid puts Parity bid in jeopardy

QA-IQ has made a 150p bid (or nearly double the previous closing price) for IT training company Xpertise, valuing them at £8.7m. One of the conditions of the bid, however, is that Xpertise drops its bid for Parity’s training operations.

I’ve just spoken to Alwyn Welch, Parity’s CEO, who was not exactly pleased with this development. The divestment of their training operation was clearly a way for Parity to refocus its operations and this must be a considerable blow. Whether there are other likely bidders in the wings, only time will tell.

Another day, another two bids for quoted UK SITS companies. Back in 2000, I had over 300 companies in my main and AIM market listings. It’s about a third of that now. Indeed, it’s the mid-sized companies that have been most seriously depleted.

Maybe, one day , I'll be sitting in my rocking chair telling my grandson "I remember when there were IT companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange". He will look up at me and say "You must be really old Grandad".

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