Thursday, 25 September 2008

Autonomy and its fanclub

OK, let me admit that I am rather biased right now towards Autonomy as they have just agreed to become a Patron of the Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group (where I was a founder and serve as the current Chairman) As readers will also know I have long thought that Autonomy is in the 'right place at the right time' with its unstructured search products. I was overjoyed when they (re)entered the FTSE100 earlier this month. Their share price growth has defied all the gloom as aspects of the financial crisis actually adds to the need for their products.

Anyway, Autonomy has made yet another, but this time highly significant, partnership announcement. I'll leave it to my friend George O'Connor at Panmure Gordon to explain:

"Yesterday we noted a very strong OEM announcement - Autonomy announced that Adobe Systems has integrated IDOL into the new Adobe Creative Suite. Creative Suite is a pre- and post production toolset used for video and audio editing, still and motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive media design, then delivery for film, broadcast, and DVD as well as Blu-ray disc and mobile authoring. So users would look to Autonomy to search an audio stream or speaker information in seven languages and could index spoken dialog. So that then they could in turn identify speakers, as well as align multiple takes of content around a script, and conceptually identify similar audio content (if you imagine – pose the question – in what quarterly call did the CE state that he would grow revenue by 15% - say in my context – clearly though the application would be used in a post-production environment to find the right part of the right clip quickly some kind of (say) news mash-up.

The announcement illustrates :

1 - Autonomy at the heart of the industry looking to introduce new functionality
2 - non financial services revenue streams,
3- continued progress with the OEM business,
4 - Autonomy used in the context of driving customer efficiency savings."

OK, George is a fan too!

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