Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Meltdown - in more ways than one!

Yesterday, Lord Adair Turner addressed the Prince’s Trust Technology Leadership Group members lunch (where I am the Chairman). Currently Lord Turner chairs the Climate Change Committee – where I guess he is responsible for avoiding climate meltdown. Next weekend he takes on the Chair at the FSA – where he will be responsible for avoiding Financial Meltdown. I joked with him whether the appointment started at the beginning or end of the weekend – as every financial crisis seems to play out over a weekend. He seems safe until next Monday morning!

Just before the lunch with Lord Adair Turner I read the following article in The Times 15th Sept 08 – Google search finds seafaring solution. I - and indeed Lord Adair Turner – were intrigued at the thought the idea of siting Google’s datacentres on barges 11 miles offshore. The ocean’s water acts as a coolant. Waves provide the power. Then there are the tax advantages of being moored in international waters. Radio Caroline reborn!

I was greatly impressed by Lord Adair Turner. His background makes him well qualified for his new crucial role at the FSA. But what really impressed me was his enthusiasm and drive. Something which will be well trested in the turbulent times to come.

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