Wednesday, 3 September 2008

New appointment at Alcatel-Lucent

Seems to have been a day for me reporting new appointments (see below)

Ben Verwaayen has been appointed as the new CEO of Alcatel-Lucent three months after he stepped down as CEO of BT.

I got to know Verwaayen well at BT and liked him. We had some very 'robust' conversations which is exactly the way I like them. He was a keen reader of my musings and I often got a comment from his Blackberry if he disagreed with any of my comments. I had missed him!

Verwaayen is well qualified for the role as he originally joined BT from Lucent. Alcatel-Lucent faces the same kind of problems that Verwaayen faced when he took on BT - except I think Alcatel-Lucent is probably an even greater challenge.

Very good profile Ben Verwaayen profile in today's FT - Verwaayen has track record in enforcing change.

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