Friday, 17 October 2008

Satyam UK post script

(By Anthony Miller) I have just spoken to Satyam’s UK CEO, Som Sarma, and despite the prevailing market conditions, he is upbeat on Satyam’s prospects, and expects to see significant deals come through this quarter. If UK growth followed that of Satyam’s European business overall, then we’re in the 25-30% yoy range for last quarter. At this pace, Satyam is clearly gaining share in the UK, and I would expect this to be mainly at the expense of the US- and European-based usual suspects. Sarma was highly diplomatic on HCL’s acquisition of Axon, wishing them well, but felt that Satyam’s strong SAP positioning would be able to stand up to HCL’s greatly-enhanced SAP workforce. He may well be right, as I don’t think the integration of Axon will exactly be a shoo-in for HCL!

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