Sunday, 30 November 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo - again?

The Microsoft/Yahoo story shows no signs of disappearing. The Sunday Times today carries a front page article saying that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Yahoo's search business for $20b. However, the whole article seems to be based on speculation and nothing has been confirmed by either party. Yahoo spokesman Brad Williams said: "We don't comment on rumours, and all this is is a rumour." (Comment source - Reuters)

Our advice to Steve Ballmer remains the same as before - Don't. Indeed paying $20b for Yahoo's search business seems positively mad. If they really must go down that road, I'd have expected them to pick it up for a much less.

Footnote - Yahoo's MD and SVP of Europe and Canada, Tobey Coppel, is stepping down after 18 months in the position. Coppel will be replaced by Rich Riley, who currently works for Yahoo!'s European advertising division. Source - StrategyEye

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