Thursday, 20 November 2008

Microsoft listening?

(By Richard Holway) My views on the Microsoft/Yahoo debacle are well known and summed up in one word "Don't" (or is that two?) I have mused before (particularly after I got an email from Microsoft thanking me for my 'supportive' views) that perhaps Steve Ballmer had become a UKHotview reader.

The departure of Yang from Yahoo last week reignited the story. But, as you might have read today - Microsoft rules out deal, leaving Yahoo shares searching vainly for support , Ballmer isn't interested. Of course, this could all be a big game plan - as in "let's wait, we can buy it even cheaper next year". A deal over the search bit at a bargain price might still make sense.

Yahoo's shares slumped 20% to $9.14 yesterday valuing them at c$12.7b. My word, doesn't this all make Yahoo's rejection of the $47b Microsoft bid look a bit like Decca's rejection of the Beatles back in 1962.

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