Wednesday, 5 November 2008


(By Richard Holway) Back in June I wrote What won it for Obama in which I said that if Obama did win the race for the White House, his use of Facebook could take at least some of the credit. As you must know by now, it has come to pass. Whatever your politics, everyone will applaud the fantastically high turnout and the undoubted 'Victory for Democracy". Elections will never be the same again and UK parties must take note of the part the internet has played.

More personally, today feels to me like 1960 when the US elected John F Kennedy as its President. I had just become a teenager and it not only felt like the start of new era - it was! The charisma, the youthful appeal, the ability to motivate by the superb use of language - all feel the same. The task now is equally, if not even more, challenging.

I do, however, pray that it doesn't end in the same way.

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