Sunday, 9 November 2008

Please pass it on!

Just a quick update on progress here at TechMarketView LLP and a request for your help.

We've been genuinely moved by all the messages of support we have received since our launch two months back. Readership of UKHotViews has soared and your feedback has been much appreciated. We now know that every word is read at the very highest levels of the UK tech scene.

We are now working hard on our subscriber service with our MarketViews report set for launch early in the new year. As many readers know, we are holding lots of interviews with the CEOs of the main players in the UK SITS market and we hope that our market forecasts will be of the highest quality. Indeed, we are very proud of our record - even though many didn't exactly like us 'telling it how it is!". We will tell you more about how you can become a subscriber at a later point.

However, we aim that UKHotViews will always be FREE. To that end, we would really like your help in boosting its readership even higher.

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