Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Tech-Track 100 Coexis goes walkabout

(By Anthony Miller) Many thanks to Mike Simons at ComputerWorld for alerting us to yet another ‘Little British Battler’ off to a new home, but this time not in the US. Securities software vendor, Coexis, branded by its core software platform Syn~ (Ed. ?? Sorry, guys, but even Prince doesn’t use squiggles any more!), has been acquired by quoted Aussie broker services and wealth management software player, GBST. Coexis recently featured in The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 list in September, which has obviously become a great shop window for predators. It seems a shame we can’t look after our ‘assets’ a little better in the UK. Goodness knows, there’s enough UK financial services software players out there – didn’t any of them notice Coexis?

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