Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Jobs pulls out of MacWorld

(By Richard Holway) Late last night it was announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would NOT be doing the keynote at MacWorld on 6th Jan, This was enough to send Apple shares down 4% in after hours trading. Apple also announced that it was pulling out of the show as an exhibitor.

The ‘problem’ with this is that it just starts a whole raft of rumours. Is Jobs very ill? Or have they had a row with the MacWorld organisers? Is MacWorld likely to fail anyway in these difficult times and therefore Apple doesn’t want the association? Or hasn’t Apple got any exciting new products to launch anyway?

Who knows! What I do know is that God Steve up on the stage at MacWorld is one of tech’s greatest performances. We’ve seen Jobs pull so many fantastic new products out of the bag. Last year he literally pulled a MacBook Air out of a office envelope. Products, like the iPod, that have changed all of our lives. And he’s so, so cool in his black T-shirt.

My hope for new Apple products in January would be a massive boost to the memory on the iPhone so I can get all my tunes on it. I’d also like to see an Apple Netbook. Something around 800gms with a 9 inch screen and full querty keyboard selling for around £300.

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