Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tech Mahindra launches European body-shop business

(By Anthony Miller) Tech Mahindra, the billion-dollar, telecom-focused Indian SI 31% owned by BT, has just launched a body-shop division to service European clients. Tech Talenta, as the business is known (see here), already has 500 bodies on the books. We have to doff our caps to TM, which has made a virtue out of a necessity and given it the full PR treatment to boot. That Indian SIs (and indeed global and European SIs) resort to body-shopping when times get tough is hardly a state secret; better that than having consultants sitting on the bench. But having a fairly substantial cadre of ‘cheap guns for hire’ overtly in the European market is certainly not going to make life easier either for local players or indeed ITSAs (IT staff agencies).

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