Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Apple - Oh what a bore!

(By Richard Holway) I’ve checked out or watched the Apple keynote at MacWorld for longer than I would care to remember. Of course, watching Steve Jobs perform was part of the attraction. But the main reason was to learn what new gizmos I would be playing with (sorry, using) soon. Phil Schiller “is no Steve Jobs”. But, again, that wasn’t the point. Even Jobs couldn’t have made yesterday’s announcements exciting. There wasn’t any exciting hardware related announcement. No iPhone nano, no Apple Netbook – not even an increase in either iPhone or IPod Touch memory (which I had wanted to see) Instead we got some insignificant upgrades to software.

The only news of note is the new variable pricing arrangements for iTunes. This will see new tracks costing more ($1.29) than back catalogue. (69c) Probably fair. But as I’ve got all the back catalogue I’ll ever need, it is only the new tracks I buy on iTunes anyway. So Holway’s budget gets hit again!

So, with Jobs now not terminally ill (thank goodness) maybe he stayed away because there was nothing to say?

Apple really has to keep up the momentum if it’s to retain its premium product pricing – and premium stock rating.

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