Thursday, 29 January 2009

Looking forward to the Regent Conference

(By Richard Holway) My friends at Regent and Intellect have asked me to remind HotViews readers about the annual Regent Conference on Tuesday 10th Feb 09. It’s one of those annual events that should be un- missable – setting you up for the year that lies ahead. I’m particularly looking forward to hearing Ashley Highfield (Microsoft) and Jon Moulton (Alchemy) and, of course, Peter Rowell (Regent) on his views of the M&A market.

I’m on the final panel being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. Something of an annual ritual for me. Who could forget him asking me several times (in his usual hectoring manner) for tech share tips in Feb 2000 and me saying I couldn’t possibly do that. Then at the fourth request, suggesting he put his money in an Abbey National high interest account. Pretty good advice eh?

I also remember, last year, that guy from Forrester still suggesting double digit IT growth in 2008 and 2009 and me going mildly berserk. I wish he’d taken my bet because I’d now be quids in. So I wonder what mischief I can wreak this year? I hope the organisers have pre-warned John Gantz (CRO from IDC) and my old colleague, Tony Lavendar, from Analysys Mason – who are both giving their forecasts for the year ahead.

Hope to see you there.

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