Sunday, 15 February 2009

CSC UK ‘steady as she goes’

(By Anthony Miller). I spoke to CSC UK CEO, Nick Wilson and COO Kevin Brown on Friday to try to ‘square the circle’ over CSC’s global outsourcing 3Q revenue decline (see CSC bucks trend with outsourcing decline). I’m pleased to report that it’s very much ‘steady as she goes’ in CSC’s UK business and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they just about squeezed double-digit growth (in local currency, of course) by their year end in March.

What really helps is CSC UK’s strong skew towards outsourcing and public sector, both of which are growing well in the UK Even in the private sector CSC is winning new large deals, which they can’t talk about just yet. Nonetheless, Wilson and Brown made it clear that it’s getting tougher out there so they are trying to focus their services propositions on cost saving and cash management (as they are also doing for their own business, of course). No new news on the NHS NPfIT – “still tracking to plan”. Wilson also has the Nordics region in his aegis and is also seeing double-digit growth, which must surely mean they are gaining share.

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