Friday, 13 February 2009

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere

(By Richard Holway) I know how interested HotViews readers are in their smartphones. Rather than a debate on the merits of Cloud or the state of the L&P BPO market, most of our conversations turn to Blackberry Bold v iPhone! (I effectively have both as I couldn’t decide between them).

Problem is that Nokia doesn’t really have any effective smartphone competitor. The N97 still seems months away but there are rumours (see Slashgear) of the launch of the E75 at next week’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona. I’m rather hoping Simon Ainslie at Nokia will come through with his offer of a demo version. Then I can tell you what it’s like to carry three devices with you!

However, the smartphone ‘route to riches’ is getting more difficult by the month. RIM (the Blackberry makers) issued a profits warning which saw their shares tumble another 17%. See Blackberry turnover in the FT. Although unit volume is up 20% as Blackberry move into the consumer arena, unit revenues fall. And, of course, the high margin corporate sector is pretty constrained at the moment.

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Ian said...

Never mind iPhones et al. Look at the new Palm (not yet available in the UK) which is probably an iPhone killer from a great PDA heritage.