Sunday, 8 February 2009

Working from Home

(By Richard Holway) I’ve just spent the first week ever ‘Working from Home’ every single day. I suspect that almost all HotViews readers ‘worked at home’ at least one day last week because of the weather.

I have to admit that I have been working at home for 23 years. Since 1986, I have never had a ‘permanent’ desk anywhere other than in my ‘home office’. I’m pretty lucky in that I have a purpose built home office – probably better equipped than most have in their offices!

Over many years, I have encouraged home working for everyone who has worked for and with me. Far from encouraging ‘slacking’, the major problem seems to be that people don’t know when to stop.

So, if I look back on the week I can honestly say I have got more real work done than in almost any five/seven day period in my life. In particular, Anthony and I have finished our first report – more later!

But, if I had another week of no direct personal contact, I think I would go mad. Maybe that's what 'real work' does to you. It made me realise how very important, let alone enjoyable, all those face-to-face meetings are in ‘colouring’ what I write.

The other thing that got me was how dependent Working at Home was on having a working internet connection. As I looked at the snow and ice on the BT wires that brings the internet down our lane, I must admit I was a bit worried! I suppose I could have worked on my mobile internet dongle if the worst came to the worst.

Anyway, I have a busy week ahead when I hope to meet many HotViews readers. Either at the Regent Conference on Tuesday when I get my annual grilling from Jeremy Paxman. Or at The Big Debate with Richard Christou of Fujitsu on Wednesday.

That’s if the expected new snow dump on Monday night doesn’t disrupt my travel plans again.

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