Saturday, 20 September 2008

TechMarketView LLP Launched

In what some have described as one of the industry’s worst kept secrets, we are delighted to announce the launch today of TechMarketView LLP – a new research and analysis firm formed by Richard Holway and Anthony Miller. (see links to our new website for detailed biographies)

As many readers will know, Anthony Miller, then an experienced analyst with IDC, was the first analyst to join Richard Holway Ltd in 1997 and became an essential part of the ‘Holway team’ during its most vital years in the run up to Y2K and the bursting of the bubble. Together they developed an analysis style which was provocative and interesting. It helped greatly that they were also right in their forecasts over the period too! Indeed they are widely credited for their accurate forecasting of the industry – even though, like most prophets, they were not initially appreciated!

The ‘Richard and Anthony Show’ (as their annual presentation for the CSSA/Intellect was known) continued with Ovum Holway after Richard Holway Ltd was acquired by Ovum in Nov 2000, and only ended when Anthony left to join equity research boutique, Arete, in 2004.

Now the best known and most widely respected team in the UK software and IT sector is back together again.

Holway 2.0?
It would be too simplistic to describe TechMarketView LLP as “Holway 2.0”. Of course, it will resurrect some of the best elements of the old firm but with a whole new approach.

TechMarketView – or TMV for short – will initially concentrate on all aspects that affect and interest Software and IT Services companies - their advisers, investors and partners - operating in the UK market. That could just as easily be a ‘foreign-owned’ player like HP/EDS, Capgemini or Infosys or a ‘UK’ company like Logica or the SITS division of a larger player like BAE Systems or Thales or a private company like Liberata or COA. TMV will cover corporate news – like company results, M&A, private equity fund raising, stock market performance etc. TMV will cover all the important issues like offshoring, BPO, public sector contracting etc. TMV will cover the important industry trends like Cloud Computing, SaaS, the move to MIDs. But what makes TMV different is that it covers these areas from the viewpoint of how this will affect the players corporately.

Indeed, the aim of TMV is to cover all the aspects that would be of interest to any CEO or senior director in the sector and in a manner that they will understand. It will be presented in their language – which we also hope will be stimulating and even humorous where appropriate..

As in the past, all research and analysis is only as good as the people supplying it. Richard and Anthony have developed what many describe as the best network of senior executives in the sector. Working relationships based on mutual trust which go back decades, in some cases, mean that they get insights that few others can obtain. Often these are given ‘in confidence’ but can be used to flavour the insightful comment that readers have come to expect from Richard and Anthony.

From today, Holway’s HotViews will morph into UKHotViews. If you are one of the many thousand current HotViews readers you need do nothing. Your access is unaltered and the email version will be sent to you as normal. Of course you will notice some differences – not least that Anthony will be contributing in his own name – although many of you will have spotted Anthony’s inimitable style in some articles published this month! We intend that UKHotviews will continue to be free and we will be looking for sponsors at a later date.

TMV will launch a range of subscriber research in a few months time starting with MarketView which will carry our own market sizing and forecasts for UK SITS. Obviously these will be fee-based services and we will inform you how you can be a subscriber nearer the launch date at the end of 2008.

In addition, TMV will be happy to look at any ‘bespoke’ analysis and consultancy requirements you might have. And you never know, we might even look at reviving the ‘Richard and Anthony Show’!

You can access UKHotViews on (surprise, surprise) Full details of TMV are on our new website which will carry the subscriber research at a later date. You can pre-register your interest in becoming a subscriber or a sponsor of UKHotViews by emailing

…and finally
This is a real landmark day for both of us and, we’d like to think, for the UK SITS sector too.

Some may question setting up a new research and analysis firm in the midst of the worst financial crisis in decades. But that’s exactly when the old models change. Exactly when companies and their executives need the very best insights from the very best analysts with the best experience and track records. None come better than Richard and Anthony at TechMarketView. We helped you through the last major turbulence to hit the sector. We intend to do the same for you now.

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