Monday, 24 September 2007

Adjusting my portfolio

One of the joys of not being part of any research organisation is my ability to buy and sell stocks - indeed stocks in the very sectors that I blog about! As readers will know, I bought a portfolio of stocks at the beginning of the year and, I'm pleased to say, the portfolio is currently up 11%.

Much of that is due to two mega stars - Apple up 71% and Axon up 50%. RCM Technology Trust, which I also bought on my appointment as NED, is up 10% since. My only dog has been EDS. It has now seen a 20% fall since I bought so I have sold and put the lot into Sage. If there is to be a sale of Sage, then clearly the stock has someway to go. To be fair, I have had a "smallholding" in Sage for many years - I think since the early 1990s. But today's purchase puts the value on a par with my other holdings. So I now have decent shareholdings in both my "Boring" companies - Capita (up 8% since I bought earlier this year) and Sage.

Just thought I should inform you...

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