Monday, 24 September 2007

Goodbye CMG

LogicaCMG has announced that it is to be called just plain Logica from the start of 2008. It picked up the suffix in 2002 when Logica acquired CMG.

Logica is one of -if not THE best - company names in the business. It was well ahead of its time when Philip Hughes gave it that name in 1969. Since then every self respecting IT services company had to have a name ending in an 'a' - Capita, Civica, Xansa. Somehow 'Logica' just always felt right - in one way describing exactly what they did but sounding up-to-date too. Adding 'CMG' just ruined the timbre. Mind you, it all seems a bit hasty - removing all trace of CMG within days of Cor Stutterheim (the founder of CMG) standing down as Logica's Chairman.

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