Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Last night

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU to everyone for last night.

  • To the 50+ ICT CEOs who paid £1250 a ticket allowing us to raise £65K for the Prince's Trust Technology Leadership Group.

  • To the committee - and James bennett in particular - for their help in getting the guests invited

  • To BT for sponsoring it in the amazing location atop BT Tower

  • To Elizabeth Royds and Tara Leathers from Prince's Trust for their usual high standard of organisation

I'm sure there will be many follow-up articles on "My Top". Computer Weekly and SYSTEMHOUSE both have features based upon it. I sat next to Steven Chilcott, editor of Business Programmes on BBC Radio, who is also clearly interested in doing a priogramme on the subject.

More pictures on Facebook. That ought to act a a spur to get you to sign up! Of the 60 in the audience last night less than 10 had Facebook profiles.

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